Rita Lasker

From this point on, the extent of your success depends only on you.

You are a trader and as such, you decide for yourself just how much of both, your time and attention, you’d be willing to give in exchange for the “music to your ears” – namely, the sweet sound of the unending money flow…

The ALL new and unique Forex Octopus System offers you a universal trading instrument for ALL currency pairs.

You get to choose yourself which pairs you want to trade and just how much profit you want to turn.

The system gives you a complete creative freedom.


   Earn just as much as you want!   

   Our unique system has been designed expressly for the ‘second wave’ of the financial crisis. Its distinct qualities are its very infrequent and hardly noticeable
drawdowns compensated by VERY frequent and extravagant profits.


the greater the number of pairs you use, the greater are your profits.

   The idea behind the system:

   There are plenty of products on the Forex market right now. Some of them are profitable, some aren’t. Some are very profitable in one market situation and inversely, cause monetary losses in another.

Quite a few of the developers invent and utilize their products to be used exclusively with 1-2 currency pairs. Such products can be quite profitable. However, as we all know, there are always good times as well as the bad ones. And in the situations like that, a trader, who utilizes a few pairs has a much greater chance to have a stable profit, than someone who concentrates primarily on only 1 or 2 pairs.

   WHO this system is for:  

   First of all, we’d like to recommend this system to all our dear members – if it wasn’t for your contributions and all your inquiries, we would have never dared to venture and take on such a big challenge. It was your support and belief in our products, that inspired us to work tirelessly to accomplish what we have.

   This system is extremely useful tool for professionals, who spend all their time trading on Forex. Professional traders will adequately appreciate the exactitude and profitability of this system. It’s you, who will be able to quickly locate the correct pairs our system is the most profitable with. It’s your comments that are most useful to us and allow us to perfect our algorithms.

   Our system will also be quite indispensable for all new traders. With it you’ll be able to study all the unique aspects of each currency pairs, as well as being able to learn, comprehend and “feel” the market. And, of course, it will naturally provide you something you came to the market in the first place – stable and abundant earnings.

   Traders, desiring to balloon their small deposits into a $200-$300 range: Minor drawdowns and frequent profitable trades will allow you with moderate risk and relatively quickly to bring up your deposit to the levels where your risk could be minimized.

   The test results OR just HOW MUCH Can you earn? 

   For the purpose of testing, we used a few pairs with different characteristics.
The actual testing was done by a number of hand-picked programmers and beta-testers which we ran 24/5.

   Despite the fact that during the past 6 months the market wasn’t exactly a “beacon of stability”, our new system showed some incredible results.

Using just a single USDCHF pair, we’ve earned:

1398 pips of profit
7 orders, ONLY 3 losses:
17, 13 and 30 pips.

And just how much money does the 1398 pips translate into?
You could calculate that yourself.
With a deposit of $5000 and LotSize 1.0, your profit is $13980.


Below, you could see the results of a few more pairs...


   Being in the Forex business for quite a long time, we frequently receive emails and requests from our fellow members, basically summarized in the following:

“Rita, could you please develop a system, that would be profitable regardless of a currency pair used, where a trader could decide for himself just how much time he wishes to spend on it and which pairs to trade with.”

   “There are systems out there that use 2 currency pairs. If one of those pairs is ‘in the minus’ today, the other one is in the ‘plus’. It’s like a system of “connected vessels”. It would be simply great if you devised a system that would somehow behave in a similar fashion with all available currency pairs.”

   “Rita, I’ve been with you since the very beginning. Your products become progressively better and better. Your last product – Forex Blue Box – is a true gem. Could I ask you something else: could you make a system that would turn out to be equally profitable on all currency pairs, as I’m ready to get both of my sons involved in the trade, if it’s going to require a lot of time and concentration?”

   Complex Task 

   This task seemed almost unattainable.
How do you create a system that would consider the uniqueness of each currency pair on Forex? How do you create a system that would in a timely fashion send notifications to open an order and, most importantly, when to close it?

   Garry Shoo, the project developer: We had many more questions than answers. However, we love our members. They are the people, who were with us at the height of our success and who stuck with us through some of the toughest times and the people who trusted us and believed in us. We simply weren’t prepared to say ‘NO’ to them.

   And so, we took on a challenge…
A few of our programming teams in tandem with each other generated a brainstorm of ideas. In the end, the competition did its “thing”, giving birth to a Forex Octopus idea.
   We finalized and polished it, bringing it to an absolute perfection, while deciding to concentrate on 8 currency pairs. For now, we’ll focus your attention on them in the paragraphs below.

   How the system works:

   There are plenty of system that operate on the principals similar to ours.
The main idea behind it is as follows: you get an indicator (or even a few), that sends a signal to open an order. In addition to it, there’s another indicator (or a few), that send a signal when to close an order. A few more indicator-filters are thrown in for a good measure to “chop-off” some false-positive signals–and that is it.

It seems quite simple, right?

   However, in actuality, indicator and filter design is a very delicate process, requiring the utmost degree of professionalism. It is inside those algorithms where are hidden the “know-how”, religiously protected by each developer.

"FOREX OCTOPUS" Performance (click to enlarge)

   As the indicators, that send the signal to open orders, we use 3 Exponential Moving Average with various parameters. These indicators don’t require an introduction – they are built into any terminal of any broker and are frequently used in various systems.

   The main developmental “staple” inside our system are 2 indicators that send signal to close order, while filtering out the maximum number of false signals.

The super low number of drawdowns and maximized profit with each currency pair

THAT is the uniqueness of our system!

   The advantages of Forex Octopus: 

The system works with any currency pairs
The system sends precise signals on when to open and close your orders
The system is simple to install and operate – something that permits an
operation even by a beginner traders
The trader personally selects a number of currency pairs, he wishes to make money on, considering the time and amount of attention he can dedicate to trading
The system operates in the terminal of ANY broker (MT4)
The system is extremely user-friendly. Once installed, it doesn’t require any
further adjustments
A low level of drawdown allows using the system with very small deposits
(from $200 - $300)
The system pays for itself after the first 1-2 profitable trades
The system is optimized to perform under the harsh conditions of the ‘second
wave” of the financial crisis, expected by so many experts by the end of 2011-2013


   Give it a try and see for yourself: 

   Once you buy our System and after familiarizing yourself with conditions for opening and closing orders, the only thing you’ll need to do is to install it.

   Once it’s installed, you will be able to IMMEDIATELY view what types of signals the System had sent in the past. Thus, you can verify for yourself the system’s suitability for your needs as well as its working capacity.

Think of it this way: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?



With our unconditional 100% money back guarantee, if not satisfied, we’ll fully refund your money during the initial 30-day trial period.

   The SECRET behind its name 

   Forex Octopus. Why Octopus? It’s all very simple. You trade on one pair. Having already tasted the profit, you keep adding more and more. At some point, consistently earning more and more, you begin to feel that exciting fervor, as you get overly involved and don’t even notice, how you slowly start to turn into a creature with 8 hands and two huge eyes.
   But you just can’t stop – the streams of non-stop profit seem to pour endlessly into the palms of your hands!...

… well, of course, we are kidding here as we are concerned about your physical well-being and the emotional state of our members. So, that is why we’re asking you:

   “Please, don’t get too involved! Keep your cool and trade only on as many pairs as you physically can”. Our system will allow you to make profit on practically each and every currency pair you choose.

   So, let the image of an Octopus, remain in your mind as a symbol of wisdom and prudence – the one, capable of quick thinking and having enough hands at its disposal to fulfill the sacred financial dreams and desires…

   FREEDOM    There are two types of traders:

   1. A trader who doesn’t want to make money. He simply wants to get the money. Such traders usually address us with a following request: “Give me a product, that I could put in a chart and it will double my deposit each month. I’ve got no time to deal with pairs, candles and indicators. All I want is a product that would operate by itself and would turn a profit for me”...

Do you recognize yourself?

   We love such clients simply because some day they will understand that Forex doesn’t forgive laziness. In order to get something out of something, you need to invest, be it time, money, energy, knowledge, etc.. After they comprehend it, their letters become more sensible and intelligent. At times, such traders indeed become valuable traders, full of new ideas.

   2. Traders-fighters. These are the people, who understand that any profit has to be earned. Here you have a mixed bag of “self-taught” individuals, as well as those with specialized education. All these traders want – is to have freedom. They can’t stand limitations and there’s nothing impossible for these individuals. They are ready to work/study/analyze in the name of one and only one goal – financial independence. And, as a result, we quite often get the following letters from such people:

I’d like to acquire a product, that would be my assistant. The product, that would clue me in a timely manner as to when is the best possible time to enter the market. However, I’d like to make all of the decisions myself. I want to decide by myself on what pair and at what time I should trade. I don’t want a product that would automatically do everything for me. At the same time, the signals should be sent in a timely fashion and be profitable, so that I would await for the next one, being completely assured that it’s going to also be a profitable one…”

We adore such traders. Particularly from a bunch of these “super-bright heads”, the true Forex professionals are created. These types of individuals, oftentimes, without having any special education in the financial field, attain fantastic results in both, Forex and in their personal lives.
It’s for those kinds of “warriors” in particular, our System will be the most beneficial.

   Indicators DO NOT Re-paint! 

   Many indicators on the market are notorious for changing their readings. Such indicators show incredible results in the quotations history, however in the real-time trade, they don’t do so well. Such behavior is called ‘Repaint’.
In our system only Moving Averages (the state MetaTrader indicators) may repaint, however, such repaint isn’t critical, because they send a signal only for opening the orders.

   Forex Octopus system developed by our programmers, utilizes 2 indicators, that do not repaint. Meaning, you can rest assured – the signals you see in the quotation history haven’t changed.

They are indeed that profitable – we absolutely guarantee it!

   Still have some doubts left? 

   If you still have any shadow of a doubt, we’d like to ask you to familiarize yourselves with the results based on the System, utilizing EIGHT (8) currency pairs. Based on the test scores, we selected some pairs, but, for some reason, not overly popular or favored by many.

   However, we believe, that these pairs are undeservingly being ignored by traders and developers alike. All of these pairs possess some unique qualities to them, that had been extensively studied and considered during the developmental stages of the final version of our program. Each pair was registered with a special, real-life account with a deposit of $5000.

   Also, a specially selected group of testers was involved in the testing process.Subsequently, the results were combined and averaged.

   If you still have ANY remaining shadow of a doubt, we just want to remind you that you don’t lose anything when you purchase Forex Octopus.
   During the 30-Day trial period, if the system doesn’t suit your needs, you can get your money back.
   Our guarantee: You have a full 30-day Money Back guarantee – no questions asked.

   Forex Octopus is a system, that will keep bringing you profit for a long, long time. By buying Forex Octopus, you invest a small deposit and in return get a source of a continuous, stable and serious income!

   For the first time, traders will receive simultaneously a super-powerful trading system as well as a full freedom to make their own decisions.

   5 reasons you need to buy Forex Octopus
right here and right now 


Forex Octopus gives you a complete freedom to choose a currency pair.
You can make money even if you trade using 20 currency pairs simultaneously.
To use the System, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge. Having at your disposal enough time and attentiveness, you could earn as much as you want.
Maximum profits with minimal drawdown.
30-Days risk-free money back!


The product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! You can get it 100% FREE as a BONUS for purchase of our NEWEST Forex 1000 PIPS Robot here.



   Wanna get  MORE profit? 

   Is it possible to increase profit even further?

   Yes, it is. However, if Forex Octopus doesn’t require of traders any special knowledge, except for some very basic, what we are about to state below requires understanding and knowledge at the level of an advanced user.

   A few months ago we developed and submitted a very successful product – an Intellectual trailing stop – Forex Trailingator. That product turned out to be quite useful and very popular. Each day we still receive e-mails from our clients, who use it in their everyday life along with our other trading systems as well as products by other developers. Such high grades for our products make us quite happy.

   If you happened to possess a substantial understanding of the market, we can safely recommend you our Trailingator to utilize it alongside the Forex Octopus.

   Why would you need a certain knowledge? Because all currency pairs on forex possess certain “particularities” and “characteristics”, therefore not all of them will be ideally suited for Trailingator. With certain pairs, Trailingator can close orders a bit earlier and as a result, lower the potential profits. However, with different pairs, optimally fine-tuned and adjusted for each other, the profit margin can increase considerably. As one of such examples we could demonstrate a majority of pairs with JPY. Pairs with JPY are notorious for long trends, interrupted by strength reversed movements .

   Under such conditions Trailingator can reduce the losses considerably and increase profits when JPY pairs are utilized.  In any case, in order to understand how and with which pairs to implement Trailingator, you’d need an experience and ability to “read” quotations. However, if you already possess these abilities, your expense of acquiring Trailigator will pay off for itself in no time and afterwards, you’ll only see profit, profit, and only more profit.

You can use the Trailingator with ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS.

This is the First if its kind offer, but please keep in mind that nothing can last for ever - this is the limited time offer that is available to you for few more days only.


The product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! You can get it 100% FREE as a BONUS for purchase of our NEWEST Forex 1000 PIPS Robot here.

  When will the system pay for itself? 

   Just imagine this: The very first 1 –2 profitable trades with one of the smallest lots (0.1) and the whole system will pay off for itself. And if you get really lucky, after the very first profitable trade, you could earn much more than what you paid for our Forex Octopus.

   The only thing we’d like to ask for – is for your integrity. If you already have paid off for the system, please don’t abuse the refund policy. Be honest. We’ve done our part and overcame all of the obstacles with flying colors – so, enjoy the fruits of our labor.

   And for those, who once having received the refund continue using our system, please be advised, that we’ve incorporated in our system certain algorithms, that block all functionality of the indicators 30 days after the purchase.

  Money back guarantee: 

We can fully understand how important this is for you.
This is why I decided to put it in writing:

   Our On-Line Support 

We proudly announce that our support team now operates virtually around the clock,
24 hours a day.

   You’ll be pleasantly surprised that all your questions will be answered virtually immediately.

on’t believe us?

   Try to submit a question and you’ll come to realize that we are THE fastest and most responsive team out
there. Agree - it’s imperative when your money’s at stake.
   That means that should you have any questions, no matter how trivial, we’ll answer any in a rapid-response manner.

Our Support team is available at Skype and ICQ for now. Please feel free to connect us by:


(chat only)
602-502-437 support@ritalasker.com

We ABSOLUTELY guarantee that our support team’s response time is MUCH faster
than any other out there. Take our word for it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



The product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! You can get it 100% FREE as a BONUS for purchase of our NEWEST Forex 1000 PIPS Robot here.




Q. If I want to trade using multiple currency pairs, I’ll need to open right away many charts. I’m afraid that I’ll be missing the signals on some of them. How will it reflect on my profit? Can you advise me on some special pairs?
A. Start small -- with 2-3 pairs. Trade for about a week, as this should give you a rough idea about how the system works. If you’ll grasp the basic concept, you can safely track down more and with no hesitation you can add more pairs. Just remember, that the more pairs you have, the greater the Margin. Please adhere to Money Management.

Q. You state that this system can be utilized to do trade at any time of the day. Nevertheless, the market’s activity is considerably differs during the day. According to the results of your tests, what is the best time to conduct trades to maximize my profits?
A. Usually a signal is formed during a European-American trading session. It’s a good habit to track the signals once every hour. The system provides for preliminary signals, that anticipate and forecast the main signal. Just track them and you’ll never miss the best time to open your order.

Q. I read that if I request a refund, my version will stop functioning after 30 days from the date of purchase. However, if I DO like everything, do I need to extend my license or you’ll renew it automatically?
A. If after the initial 30-day period you do not intend on asking for a refund and you are quite happy with our product’s performance, please send an e-mail to our support team, indicating your product name, order number and the date of purchase. We will renew your license.

Q. At home I have a desktop and a laptop. Usually, I trade from both computers - from home and from my work. Do you impose a limitation on the usage of your system to only one computer?
A. Yes, we persistently ask that the users do not use the System on more than one computer. In addition to that, the system could be only installed on one (1) real account (with the absolute maximum number of demo accounts set at five (5)). All our products are tracked through the Internet, so please, don’t violate the usage policy.

Q. I like your system and I’d like to use it additionally on one more real accounts – is it possible?
A. Yes. Please contact our friendly support team to arrange for additional licenses offered
to you at a half price

Q. In what respect your manual system is better than any of your previous ones?
A. All our systems are unique and it’s hard to say that one is “better” than the other. However, we try to comply with your individual requirements when we create a new system. Forex Octopus is our answer to our customers’ numerous requests and wishes to be able to trade with a maximum number of currency pairs.

Q. If I, for whatever reason, don’t like your system, do you guarantee a FULL refund?
A. Yes, every single customer who’s ever requested a full refund, got one.

Q. I have a poor (and not stable) connection to the internet. Will that affect the precision of the signals received?
A. Forex Octopus isn’t very “demanding” in that regard and doesn’t require a stable internet connection. However, it’s very important that there wouldn’t be long periods (of 10 min. or more) where there’s no connection to the internet.

Q. You frequently advise to utilize your Trailingator along with your other products to increase profitability. Is it possible to use Trailingator with the new system?
A. Yes, of course. However, for each currency pair it’s important to locate its own Trailing Stop level. That is exactly why we don’t give any recommendations with regards to purchasing of the Trailingator along with Forex Octopus. However, if you’re a seasoned trader, where you can find needed values for various pairs on your own, Trailingator will become your very good helper, considerably increasing your profitability.

Q. My knowledge about Forex trading is quite shallow. The only thing I know is how to Open and Close my orders. What else do I need to know to fully understand how your system works.
A. For that you’ll need your eyes to read the instruction and observe the signal.
All other skills you already have. If you are going to trade on multiple pairs, in addition to the above-mentioned requirements, you’ll also need your attention. .

Q. How often does your system send the signals? How many hours a day would I need to spend in front of a monitor?
A. It’s sufficient if you check the chart once every hour. The system sends signals on each pair approximately once a day or even few and far in between. If you install the system into multiple charts, naturally the signals will arrive more frequently.

Q. How many currency pairs can I trade on?
A. You get to choose yourself how many pairs you want to trade on. You absolutely have the right to trade on ALL currency pairs, accessible on you terminal. However, a different number of pairs is accessible through terminals of various brokers – that is why we don’t indicate the exact number. If you require the maximum number of pairs, please use Alpari UK. According to our computations, that terminal contains in excess of 30 pairs. We believe that should be sufficient, (so that you can provide for yourself, your children and your grandchildren).

Q. Does your system give the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels?
A. We recommend a particular Stop Loss, of which we wrote in our User’s Guide. As far as Take Profit – the system doesn’t provide for profit caps. Forex Octopus sends you signals at the optimal time for closing your order.

Q. I used to have an indicator. When I placed it into a chart and then check its history, it looked so appealing and promising that I was wondering: “How could it be: such an indicator and offered for free?!”  Then I tried to trade according to the signals received from it and it would constantly change them. At one moment it would show that it’s a great time to Open Buy. I would open it and it would immediately show Sell.
Will I encounter the same behavior with your indicators? Are their readings always consistent?

A. What you’ve just described is known as Repainting. Unfortunately, the great majority of the indicators on the market do repaint. However you will never encounter such a problem with our indicators – they are rock-solid!

Q. Will this product also have an expiration date, just as all your other previous products?
Yes. As soon as your product informs you that it’s just expired, please write to us. We’ll immediately send you an Unlimited Version. It serves as a protection against dishonest customers, who use the 30-day trial period to both, receive a full refund, while still continuing using our products.

Q. What products your system is the most compatible with?
A. You can use any broker you desire. Most importantly, is that your broker offers MetaTrader4, since Forex Octopus is only compatible with it.

Q. I lost my deposit, using other systems. I only have $260 left. Is it sufficient enough for me to start trading with Forex Octopus?
A. Yes. Drawdowns are quite low and you can safely start trading with a small deposit. Our only recommendation is that you start with just one (1) pair, and as your deposit continues to grow, you can add more pairs.

We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction!


   REMEMBER:  We thought you might like to know and it would be worth noting that part of the proceeds is transferred to the Environmental Protection Fund. Acquiring any of our great products, you’re not only getting a top-notch financial instrument, but at the same time help ecologically protect our beautiful blue planet.

   We are true believers that the future generations will thank us for taking care
of them in that way.
It may warm your heart, knowing that with each dollar you earn, you also make a contribution of a different kind in the preservation and betterment of our beautiful Mother Earth.


The product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! You can get it 100% FREE as a BONUS for purchase of our NEWEST Forex 1000 PIPS Robot here.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate

to ask me by email at any time.

I will do my best to help you.


Sincerely yours,   Rita Lasker.


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